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APL concepts in Smalltalk

Apl is an Array processing language. See Wikipedia article about APL

The concepts of APL are: You learn to think in shaped vectors and a mathematical way to manipulate data.

I use the microApl Community Edition, which is available for Linux.

Smalltalk is a nice, small and concise language. See Wikipedia article about Smalltalk

It has two concepts: You learn to think in objects and models.

I use Pharo, which is available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

More languages with clean concepts are: Prolog, Lisp, XSLT and other.

The AplLike implementation

I am a big fan of Smalltalk. The Smalltalk collection framwork is very matured.
Shaped Vectors, as in APL, is a thing I was missing in Smalltalk.

So I started to reimplement using reverse engineering the APL functions and vectors in Smalltalk. This resulted in the AplLike package.

Have a look at:

The next step - smalltalk like integration

The next step is to make the underlying principles more Ssmalltalk-like, i.e. trying to integrate them in the famous Smalltalk collection framwork.

So the new classes will be:
Things to cover